Welcome to the City of Newark's Open Data Portal. Explore, Transform and Share Newark's Data.

Our mission is to promote the openness, transparency and accountability of government by providing high-value government data in standards compliant, machine readable format. This will serve as the basis for the creation of useful civic applications by third party developers.

Newark City data is now open, freely and easily accessible to all. "City data" covers general, not personal, information. Other public, private, academic and voluntary organizations are invited to open their data and use this platform to share it. The aim is to let individuals, Small Business and Corporates use the data to bring practical improvements and economic growth to the community.

The Data Portal is at an early stage with new datasets and functionalities added every day. If you have a suggestion, the Newark Open Data team would like to hear from you.

Questions? Feedback? We are always glad to hear from you! Please use contact form to reach us.